Monday, 4 February 2013

The Call of Faith and Light

"I have neither silver nor gold but I will give you what I have
..."(Acts 3:6). In Faith and Light we cannot offer food, clothing,
money, courses, etc. But we can offer life! To be a friend is to offer
life to another. It is to draw a person out of their pain and loneliness
into the sunlight of relationship. That is the simple message of Faith
and Light: to offer friendship and so to give life.

We may be able to offer other things - food, clothes or wheelchairs
sometimes - But these are not essential to Faith and Light. We hope
people will not come to us because of what we have to give but we hope they will come because of who we are.

We, the friends, have a task. And our task is to set up the 'structure'
where those who are wounded can breathe and live. If you want to live
you have to have a house. Our 'house' is the meeting that we faithfully
arrange, with great care to detail, every month.

Let us be faithful, absolutely faithful, to the monthly meeting. The
people with disabilities rely on us, look to us, expect something from
us like the cripple did in Acts 3:2. Let us not fail them. Let us share
what we have. Let us share ourselves with them. 

Written by Fr David Harold Barry SJ
Chaplain: Capricorn Province 

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