Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Celebrating despite challenges: Faith and Light Chinhoyi

By Michael Goredema

Chinhoyi community meets on the last Saturday of every month at St Peter’s Catholic Church.  Although we meet regularly the strength of our community has drastically reduced in attendance for unknown reasons.  Our Core Group is looking into the cause of the low membership turnout and will make recommendations so that we return to the full strength that we had when we formed our Faith and Light Community.

Sadly we lost one of our disabled children, Roiny Munetsi. The photograph below shows her seated in a wheel-chair at her last birthday party, held early this year at her home.

We continue to face the challenge of low membership turnout at the month-end meetings as new members, who might be attracted to join us, live in distant locations and find it hard to attend. We have started an interest free money lending club to assist each other acquire basic household utensils.

On the Right: Chinhoyi Community in the old happy days at a birthday party for Gamuchirai Goredema.

From left to right:Miss Kaluchi, Miss Tapiwa, Mr. George Gorejena, Mrs Set with daughter Rabbie Set, Nigel Beremauro, Miss Roiney Munetsi and Gamuchirai Goredema in the wheel-chair.

On the Left: The late Roiny Munetsi at her last birthday party, held early this year.

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